A reoccurring theme in Andreas Englund's work is about challenging stereotypes. Mostly recognized is his depicting of the everyday life of an anonymous superhero. The series ranges from the superhero’s first mission as a toddler to being an old man, still struggling with everyday trivialities.

We don’t want to be judged on harmful and false preconceptions based on gender, age or physical appearance. Instead we want to be recognized on our own personal traits, accomplishments and abilities.
Some stereotypes are referred to as good and desirable, some stereotypes are referred to as bad or degrading. But mostly: stereotypes are boring! There’s nothing more uninteresting than a happy person living a perfect life for instance. And that’s why breaking down stereotypes and challenging preconceptions will always be more interesting than to accept them.
“Royal Gangstas” oil on canvas,

For all the history enthusiasts out there, back in my youth, the tale was that Erik XIV was poisoned by the pea soup he consumed. However, there’s no concrete evidence today; yet, during the autopsy, significant arsenic was found in Erik’s body. The carriage in the background is a genuine piece from the 1700s, once owned by Gustav III. It simply stood out as the most impressive ride I could find…

January 2024
2023 COPENHAGEN | ”SUPERLIFE” Exhibition at Galleri Oxholm
”S U P E R L I F E ”
Exhibition at Gallery Oxholm
August 2023
2023 SWEDEN | Spring saloon at Kabusa Gallery
Exhibition at Kabusa Gallery

April 2023
2023 COPENHAGEN | Art Herning
Art Fair in Copenhagen
in collaboration with Gallery Oxholm

January 2023
November 2022
2 Motifs on sale for 48 hours – it might come back next year, stay tuned...
”Prelude” Oil on canvas
283 x 140 cm

Commission from Per Lydmar
to be on display at
Restaurant Strandvägen 1, Stockholm.
January 2022
2019 SEOUL | Jeongdong 128 Art Center – Solo exhibition in Korea
2018 STOCKHOLM | Urbanears comission – Big wall with roller and brusch
Commission from Handmademedia.se for Urbanears. The wall is located at Södermannagatan 22, Stockholm. The painting/project was on the wall for 1 month.

Next wall project (hopefully) I’m looking to do something creative that really stands out.

Launchdate: 2018-12-05
2018 OSLO | Pos Prints Re-release February 21 st
Unique re-release of 5 favorite superhero motifs.

This is a considerably lower edition. Exclusively signed and numbered. For the first time printed on a high quality 310gsm Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin.

If you are the owner of an earlier print, please read the extra information here.
If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact PosPrints here.

Andreas Englund
2017 STOCKHOLM | Grand Central - oil on canvas at No18 business hotel
”The Train Goddess” – Oil on canvas 1,60 x 2,8 meters. Hanging in the Stockholm Grand Central Stations 2:nd floor.
At the business hotel No18.

January 2017
2016 BODØ | ”Game hunt” wall painting commissioned by Up North Festival – Norway
This 20 meter long wall painting is a modern interpretation of the original artworks from a classic hunting scene made 1754 for the french prince Ludvig Filip. One of the oldest and most preserved wall paintigs in northern Norway.

At the opening ceremony Norwegian TV were present to capture the event.

October 2016
2016 UPPSALA | Portrait of the ”first curator” of Västmanlands-Dala Student Nation
Since year 1639 every ”first curator” of the Västmanlands-Dala Student Nation has recieved a portrait to be hanged at the nations big wall. This time I had the honor to portray first curator Johan Sundström.

October 2016
2016 FALUN | Summer exhibition at Ramhuset
Premiere for the ”Superfly Series” Oils, Aquarelles and Lithographic Prints. You can also see work at the restaurant SMAK all summer.

July 2016
Location: Ramhuset, Falun, Sweden
2016 MUNKFORS | Summer exhibition at Laxholmens cultural centre
New oils and aquarelles.

Juli 2016
Location: Laxholmen, Sweden
2016 BERLIN | Wall project with Urban Nation
”Rodin Voyeur” – A two wall project. One shows my interpretation/painting of the famous sculpture ”the kiss” made by Auguste Rodin. Next to it is my own creation ”The Voyeur”

May 2016
Location: Bülowstaße 97, Berlin
2016 STOCKHOLM | Grand Central - wall at No18 business hotel
”Coffee break” – A wall painting 8 by 3 metres at the Stockholm Grand Central Stations 2:nd floor.
At the business hotel No18.

April 2016
2016 STOCKHOLM | the NK passage - project with Wallery ”ofientliga rummet”
”Dirty Laundry” – A wall painting in collaboration with Wallery Art Gallery.

January 2016
Location: NK Passagen, Stockholm
2015 NEW YORK | ”Brotherhood” group Exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery
An interactive oil painting and sculpture – ”The suitcase”

The drama between a man and a woman and a suitcase. When you interact with the piece you alter the story.

Premiere Sept.12, 2015
At Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC the ”Brotherhood” exhibition
2015 STOCKHOLM | Release of ”High Fidelity” – Lithography in 4 color settings – edition: 30 copies only
Stockholm Affordable Art Fair Produced by Lumphés Lithographic
2015 ROCHESTER NY | WALL/THERAPY 2015 Big wall with Urban Nation
2015 TAIPEI | Exhibition at Art Revolution Taipei
2015 DER TAGESSPIEGEL | By Jan Mohnhaupt 25 April
2015 BERLIN | Wall project M7 with Urban Nation and Broklyn Street Art
Four times a year Urban Nation invites a group of internationally acclaimed artists to creatively transform the facade and windows of a prominent building in Berlin while it is undergoing change. The art created acts as a creative cocoon, a city canvas, accompanying the modifications happening inside and outside the building.Read more...
2015 CITY CODE MAGAZINE INTERVIEW | by Amarildo Topalis April 4
Interview in the greek art and musicians magazine City Code.

” Too ordinary for a super hero and, at the same time, too super for an ordinary man. Let’s hear from Andreas himself how he created his art work ...”

2014 TV-BROADCAST | Gift certificate release
”Speaking of gifts, Swedish painter Andreas Englund launches a fresh take on art sales ...

Length: 1 minute 30 sec
2014 COPEHAGEN | Art Copenhagen with Galleri Oxholm
2014 TV4 MORNING TV | Report from Affordable Art Stockholm
2014 STOCKHOLM | Affordable Art
Faced with the world’s largest games fair - the E3 show in Los Angeles, Sony Playstation launched this campaign in collaboration with the advertising agency BBH in NY and artist Andreas Englund.

Learn more about the campaign
in AdWeek
Length: 1 minute 39 sec
2014 SONY PLAYSTATION ”GREATNESS AWAITS” | ”Behind the scenes” – by BRIKK
How long does it take to make a big oil painting? The production company Brikk got a comission from Sony Playstation to make a short ”behind the scenes” documentary of their project - ”Where greatness awaits”
Producer: Samuel Fast
Director/stop motion: Nicola Smanio
Photo: Francesco Loi
Length: 1 minute 24 sec
2014 BEIJING | Exhibition with Regal Scandinavia at the Marriott Hotel
2014 SAN FRANSICO Exhibition at Minna Gallery
2013 JUXTAPOZ | Best of 2013
2013 MIAMI | Select fair, Art Basel Miami
2013 THE SUPERHERO OUTSIDE THE SCREEN | TV-interview in Cobra – Swedish television
What would you have done if you had super powers? Cobra meets up with Andreas Englund who received international acclaim for his own superhero. But instead of small series of boxes he paints his hero in large format and in hilarious contexts.

Producer: Martin Vårstedt
Editor: Jane Magnusson
Editorial: Oskar Lagerwall,
Hannes Carlsson
Photo: Hannes Carlsson
Lenght: 3 minute 27 sec
2013 PORTLAND | Breeze Block Gallery – ”Not wider than a postcard”
2012 LOS ANGELES | Show at Stopp
2012 LOS ANGELES | Screening at SohoHouse – West Hollywood
2012 IT’S ALL ABOUT DRAMA | Short film/Music video
Director: Laurent Clermont,
Andreas Englund
Post Production: Laurent Clermont
Music: Adam Rickfors
Voice: Isabel Englund
Grading: STOPP Stockholm
Lenght: 1 minute 33 sec
2011 STOCKHOLM | Hotel Lydmar